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November-December 1998 Newsletter

Officer Nominations for 1999

The Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for club officers for the coming year. We will elect President, VP Advocacy, VP Communications, VP Education, VP Racing, VP Touring, Secretary and Treasurer. If you feel qualified and would like to run for a club office, please call one of the Nominating Committee members: Jim Preston, Chair, 339-1637; Jane Tyler, 897-3786; David Colver, 228-6831; Janice Weihl, 896-4663; and Scott Anderson, 244-9710.

As of September 23, the slate of candidates is:

The Chair of the committee will solicit nominations from the floor at the LBC Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet on December 5.

Statements of Purpose

Earl Jones — President

“I’m seeking another term as LBC president because there’s work I haven’t finished: membership growth; improved program integration; and increased member services. I work well with others and think I can help the program VPs realize their individual goals.

“Besides. I have a thick skin.”

Michael Lowe — VP Advocacy (one of two candidates for this office)

“If the membership will have me, I would like to serve another term as VP Advocacy. I have learned what this office requires, and I would like to build upon that knowledge and continue to work in the best interests of the club. It is my hope that in the coming year I will be an active participant with the new Kentucky Bicycle Coalition, that I can revive the dormant Louisville Police invitation for a Neighborhood Watch on Wheels, and help make this club an important voice for cycling in our community.”

Adrian Freund — VP Advocacy (one of two candidates for this office)

“Seven years ago, I began a new life when I bought a bicycle. Six years ago, I discovered the Louisville Wheelmen and found a group of dedicated professionals from all walks of life that came together around the unifying themes of recreation, health and mobility.

“I have served the Louisville Bicycle Club as President and VP Touring. In my capacity as a cyclist and local government official, I have observed some troubling trends. Large constituencies in our community don’t want cyclists on their roads. The commitment of our local and state governments to bicycle infrastructure improvements is still fragile. You should be able to get to your neighborhood services — and schools — without jumping in your car.

“Yet, there are champions of our cause out there. I believe that I can emphasize the positive aspects of enhanced bicycle and pedestrian access. Everyone wins in a more accessible community. I believe that I can establish and maintain effective relationships with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Jefferson County and the City of Louisville. Effective government relations are the focus of the VP Advocacy, and government relations are my strength. Creating a bicycle-friendly community will enhance our quality of life and economic development, and partnerships with government will grow the club. We can create a first-class alliance for accessibility and gain national recognition as a bike-friendly community.”

Norm Minnick — VP Communications

“I am very excited about the possibility of being elected your next VP Communications. To me, one of the keys to this club’s success is growth. Not only in new members, but growth in the number of participants at our many events. One of the ways to provide this growth is to let people know that we exist and what all we have to offer. In addition to continuing to publish our newsletter and ride schedules, I will try to provide as much positive recognition and create as much awareness for our club as possible. I have been an active member for about 14 years and attend as many rides, meetings and events as I can. I have served as chair of the Old Kentucky Home Tour for two years and have served on numerous committees in the past. I am in the advertising and marketing business and feel I can bring a good number of those skills to this position. In the capacity of VP Communications, my job is to serve you. Please let me know how I can best do that.”

Glenn Todd — VP Education

“When I started out the year as VP of Education I had three major projects in mind: revamping bike handling, revamping bike maintenance, and a specialized program on bike handling for tandems.

“The first two were accomplished. The education committee went out on a limb with the support of the executive committee and an education program radically different from the past, that helped cyclist develop skills, began.

“It is my plan to strengthen that program by developing an active mentoring program. I saw great things in the way of learning, awareness and self-esteem building when one mentor worked with one or two cyclists while they were riding together.

“It is also my plan to use the winter months to hold classes on topics on subjects of nutrition, health and safety.

“There have had other requests through out the year, some I have been able to attend to others I have not. If we want to meet the education needs in our community more people have to be involved! I plan to cultivate a cadre of individuals who can be available to make presentations, etc, as the need arises.

“In closing I need to say one last thing. What has been accomplished this year has been do to a team of individuals who worked hard and continue to. Without their efforts LBC would not have had the education program it had. Next year will be stronger because of the continuing efforts of those folks and people like them.”

Anne Huntington — VP Racing

“This is a time of change — for the racing team, a new and inexperienced VP Racing, maybe even a new name. The team has a strong foundation and the opportunity to excel in the upcoming season.

“Mission Statement: That team members form a cohesive group dedicated to making the racing team the best it can be. Participation and support from all team members will make this a reality.

“I look forward to working with the racing team, helping individual racers accomplish their goals, and keeping the team in the limelight. Cheryl Brawner remains my mentor and guide.”

Jim McDonald — VP Touring (one of two candidates for this office)

“The primary challenge of the VP Touring and all of the ride captains is to develop a touring program that is all things to all riders. Everyone has their own special interest, whether it is challenging long distances, fast-paces, relaxation, exploring new roads, family involvement, or mountain biking. We’ve made great strides over the years to diversify our touring program, but there is still room for improvement. I pledge to continue to encourage the efforts of our ride captains in bringing you new and exciting rides. One way I will do this is to have preset weekday evening (Tuesday through Thursday) rides so that the ride captains can focus on the more widely attended weekend rides. The weekday evening rides will be preset by the Touring Committee, fully marked, and never repeat a ride in any four-week period.

“Regardless of our interest, we all joined the LBC to socialize with other riders and to learn about and experience new rides. We were all new to the club once. And our rides are almost always the first experience a new rider has with the club members. Therefore, I pledge to focus more attention on our new riders and our family-oriented riders in order to ensure the continued growth and health of the club.

“Finally, we would not have a club without the efforts of all the volunteers. I would like to see more recognition of our ride captains who volunteer so much of their time. We continue to underemphasize their importance by over rewarding and over emphasizing mileage accomplishments. In addition, I want to revive the ride captain training program to ensure a consistent level of excellence from both our captains and our rides.”

Don Williams — VP Touring (one of two candidates for this office)

“With your support, the Touring Program can achieve the following goals:

“I believe, as a starting point, the Touring Program must establish a mutually beneficial interaction with all club programs. As each program grows, the opportunity arises for all programs to grow.

“Revitalization and empowerment of the Touring Committee will establish a broad base of support, broaden the overall appeal, and strengthen the touring program.

“To better serve our members the Touring Committee must communicate more effectively with the membership at large, work to increase participation in club activities, improve our volunteer base and fully utilize League of American Bicyclists programs and resources.

“The current awards structure should more effectively recognize members’ contributions to the club, and the current touring guidelines should create the most fair and equitable program possible to appeal to a greater percentage of our club members and attract as new members, the cycling public.

“I believe our future success lies in carrying forward an even balance of touring activities that include family oriented functions, varied ride starting points, searching out new routes, and meeting locations conducive to addressing challenges that may arise during the season.

“And last but certainly not least, my personal goals, if elected, will be to lead by example, add adventure to the program, build on the enthusiasm of our volunteers and most importantly, keep it fun!

“My past participation as a member includes: Club Ombudsman - Membership 1990; VP Touring 1990-1993 - Established Touring guidelines; Monday Night Bike Handling Instructor 1990–1995; Co-director of inaugural Tour de Parks in 1991, volunteer in 1992-93; Project Safe Kids Coordinator 1992-93; Old Kentucky Home Tour Volunteer 1991-1997; Co-director Old Kentucky Home Tour 1995; LAB Effective Cycling Instructor Certification 1995; Commuter Enhancement 1998; Bike Maintenance Class volunteer 1992-1998; Education Committee Member; Bike Skills Instructor 1998; Frequent contributor to the club newsletter.

“I would appreciate the opportunity to serve our Club as VP Touring.”

Kimble Howard — Secretary

“I would like to introduce myself and put forward my candidacy for secretary of the Louisville Bicycle Club. While I have only been a member for two years I hope I can offer my talents in a positive way to the club. I have held other executive positions in organizations over the years including the British Archaeological Survey, Edinburgh University Arts Council, the Louisville Harp Society, and most recently for the club, registrar for the Old Kentucky Home Tour. I have a strong background in desktop publishing and databases, as I currently run two music publishing companies. As someone who considers herself an average rider, I would hope to encourage more ‘average’ riders to join us in our organization. I would like to see the club promoted more nationally as I feel we have so much to offer here in this area. I also hope to publish the book of LBC rides this year, a project I began work on this spring, not only to help raise money for the club but also to promote our ride captains, their rides and our fantastic bicycle community. I hope that I can help to make the Louisville Bicycle Club even better than it already is.”

Jim Tretter — Treasurer

“I am once again requesting that the LBC membership approve my election as Treasurer. I’ve held this office from 1996-1998 following the offices of President 1993-1994 and Past President in 1995. Over this time I’ve redefined the financial controls of the club making it mandatory to report the club’s financial status back to the membership. Additionally, I initiated and brought the club into compliance with the IRS and Kentucky Tax laws and achieved tax exempt status for the club. I’ve also served as OKHT director from 1986-1992 in addition to other committees along the way. I believe my education and work experience in finance, project management and business management qualifies me for this position and I ask the membership to allow me to serve them for another year.”


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