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November-December 1998 Newsletter

Old Kentucky Home Tour Goes to Town

by Earl Jones

Itís all over, including the shouting. And what a tour it was! But first things first. Heartfelt thanks to all the folks who volunteered. They are truly responsible for making the tour a success. (See list of volunteers.) Since I also served as OKHT Director this year, I can really appreciate their efforts. I lost count of the people, especially those from out of town, who commented on the incredible volunteer support and who commented on their inability to pull off a two-day tour. Thanks also to all the past directors who helped build a franchise that we must always strive to improve.

The new downtown Bardstown venue was the most significant change. Being in the heart of town created many opportunities for new activities, including walking tours, brew libations (is that better?), restaurants, and enjoying the Bourbon Festival. We also saw changes at the SAG, adding hot food and an ice cream vendor. And we had more cookies this year than any one can recall. We also had our share of opportunities for improvements, also known as glitches and misfires. (See Ridersí Comments.)

Some of the most important outcomes were the new relationships we established with Bethlehem High School, Bardstown Parks and Recreation, and the Bardstown/Nelson County Tourism Commission that have opened doors to future improvements in the tour.

See you next year on Sept. 11 and 12.


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