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November-December 1998 Newsletter

Such a Deal!

by Earl Jones

No doubt about it. Itís one heck of a deal. Only $15 for an LBC membership and you get some of the best cycling programs in the region. (Indeed, if I werenít president, Iíd expand that to the nation. But Iím too modest for that.)

Think about it. A touring program of rides seven days a week in the season and every weekend during the off-season, with mileage options for the novice and the hound. A club-supported, USCF-sanctioned racing program. Education programs that could (and will) teach LAB a thing or two. A bi-monthly newsletter AND a dynamite web site. Advocacy involvement in the regional planning that no other recreational group enjoys. And the Old Kentucky Home Tour (see article).

Better still, your $15 entitles you to moan and complain about all of it. And, you get to hurt peopleís feelings when you think they donít deliver your moneyís worth.

The privilege to moan and complain about the various governments I belong to costs me thousands of dollars a year. And Iím not always sure I even know to whom to complain.

Iím sure your church or synagogue costs more than $15 a year. True, you have to be careful about complaining a lot because Beings-in-High-Places may hold it against you.

Maybe you have better luck complaining to The Courier-Journal, the New York Times, and the cable company than I do. Youíd think that the hundreds of dollars I pay them each year would at least get me a good editorial once in a while or at least decent service. But they remain deaf to my complaints.

So what are the lessons here? That the willingness to complain is inversely proportionate to the cost? That people who share the same commitment to cycling that you do are easier targets than your adversaries? That friends who volunteer their time so that you can have fun are entitled to less consideration than your vendors are?

Or should you make a mental note to thank the people who step up and help make this club the success that it is? Especially the talented and hard-working crew that serves with me on the Executive Committee. Then, how about volunteering to help them make it even better.

Either way, itís such a deal.


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