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November-December 1998 Newsletter

LBC Touring Season Draws to a Close

by Adrian P. Freund

We have turned the corner on a long and successful touring season! I note that as I write this article, there are more hours of darkness than light. That’s one measure that I use to determine when weekday evening rides are no longer feasible. The other indicator is how many people must leave work at 4 pm to get to the ride! The beautiful days of autumn riding are here and it won’t be long before the intrepid few face 40-degree weather and winter winds to maintain their cycling habit.

LBC riders have completed over 200,000 miles during this touring season! A full touring schedule has provided variety for everyone — whether you ride 12 miles at a time or 200. Fifty-four ride captains volunteered their time at least once this year, and supported 317 rides! Twenty captains led 10 or more rides. Sixty-two riders rode more than 1000 miles and 340 members rode at least one ride. Those are impressive numbers and constitute ride participation by over 60% of our members.

Here are the “run for the roses” leaders as of September 28. I apologize for omissions, but there are so many missing ride sheets that some contests are in doubt! The Yellow Jersey winners, pulling away from the pack, are John Larson and Bernice Martin, each closing in on 6000 miles for the jersey season and leading any other eligible member by 1000 miles. This is the year for the seniors. If you are over 50, these folks are great role models! For the entire mileage year, five riders rode more than 5000 miles. Due to those missing ride sheets, I can’t announce the men or women’s Blue Jersey with certainty at press time. Lifetime miles are still being calculated.

Top ride captains for the 1997-98 mileage year are:

Adrian Freund - 25 rides
Scott Anderson - 18 rides
Jim McDonald - 17 rides
Don Williams - 17 rides
Mary Margaret Williams - 15 rides
Jay Akers - 14 rides
David Colver - 12 rides
Christine Anderson - 11 rides
Jim Tretter - 11 rides
Bob Horner - 10 rides
Marilee Martin - 10 rides
Marilyn Minnick - 10 rides
Alison Ewart - 10 rides

Other captains will join the jersey group with 10 or more rides when the missing ride sheets arrive!

It has been my pleasure to serve as your VP of Touring since May of 1997. I have enjoyed seeing so many new faces on our rides, and the friendly company I’ve enjoyed on the road. Miles of smiles and many great memories will stay with me. As an obscure entertainer once sang, “Thanks for the memories....” See you on the colder roads of winter!


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Web posted: 31 October 1998
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by Duc M. Do