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January-February 1999 Newsletter

From the Editor

by Norm Minnick

This note from yours truly, the new VP communications and editor of the newsletter. Your input is highly desirable and we welcome your articles. (Some articles may be moved to later issues due to space issues and because of the timeliness of other articles.) Please send photos!

The deadlines are as follows: All articles need to be in my hands no later than the first day of the month prior to the issue. Because of the demands of my job and clients, I simply cannot take articles past deadline.

Please send articles in ASCII text on disk (IBM or Mac), fax or clean typed. (If you e-mail, try and keep from hitting the return bar.) Try to keep articles short and to the point. People like pictures.

To me, VP Communications also involves communication from you, the membership, back to the executive committee. If you feel something needs to be said, please donít hesitate to tell me. I will pass it on to the right people.

You can reach me at:

Home: (502) 412-4224
Work: (502) 452-6699
Fax: (502) 452-1002
e-mail: editor@louisvillebicycleclub.org

Thanks and bear with me.


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