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January-February 1999 Newsletter

From the President

by Earl Jones

I’m writing this article the day after our awards banquet. The season is usually well over by now. But this year — an extraordinary one for the Club in so many ways — has been marked by extraordinary weather, too. Who could have cycling in biking shorts and a short-sleeved jersey in December! So even though I was tired from the previous night’s awards banquet, with temperatures in the mid-70’s, how could I refuse this pre-Christmas gift?

Lots of others had the same idea, from the large turn-out at Gil Morris’ Red Baron ride, to the many impromptu pick-up rides that club members set up, to the many strangers we ran into on our routes.

But getting back to the awards banquet ... what a great evening for celebrating the progress the club made during the past year, recognizing the contributions of our fantastic volunteers and the accomplishments of our award winners. (See the photos from the banquet.)

The racing team won gold and silver medals at the Nationals. We saw improvements in education programs, including the introduction of on-the-bike mentoring as part of our bike-handling classes.

We provided financial support for the formation of the Kentucky Bicycle Coalition, which we hope, will be an important tool in the accomplishment of our advocacy objectives. The Old Kentucky Home Tour, which exceeded revenue projections, was fully integrated into the club with direction and oversight provided by the Executive Committee. And club touring mileage exceeded 206,000 miles.

I want to pay special tribute to the members of the Executive Committee who did not seek re-election: Dan Johnson, Communications VP, who took on the difficult job of making sure that the newsletter got written, edited and published; Michael Lowe, our voice of reason and point of contact with public officials as VP Advocacy; Michele Miller, our hard-working Secretary; and Cheryl Brawner, a great VP Racing, who took office when the program was beset by dissension and division and restored it to health and respect. It was a pleasure working with them and I will miss the fun we had together.

Executive Committee
  The 1999 Executive Committee: (from left) Norm Minnick, Anne Huntington, Adrian Freund, Earl Jones, Jim Tretter, Jim McDonald, and Glenn Todd. Not pictured: Kimble Howard.
Fortunately three Directors will be returning to the Executive Committee for another year: Glenn Todd’s returning as VP Education, continuing his revamping of bike-handling and maintenance classes; Jim Tretter, who has unsurpassed skills and knowledge as Treasurer; and Adrian Freund, who is uniquely qualified to serve as VP Advocacy. Joining us will be Jim McDonald, the new VP Touring; Anne Huntington, our Nationals Masters Champion, our VP Racing; Norm Minnick, who’ll be taking over as VP Communications; and Kimble Howard as Secretary. I know they’ll make great contributions and I’m looking forward to working with them.

Congratulations to Bernice Martin and John Larson, Yellow Jersey winners; and Alison Ewart and Dave Colver, who won the Blue Jerseys, to the winners of the service volunteer awards — Mary Margaret Williams for education programs; Dave Colver for touring; Erik Eckel for racing; Mary Beth Stoltz for communications, and Bob Horner for his work on the 1998 Old Kentucky Home Tour — and to Cheryl Brawner who won the award as the League of American Bicyclists Club Volunteer of the Year. All of us are in your debt. Without volunteers we would have no club.

By the time you receive this newsletter, I expect it’ll be winter for real. I hope this article will help you remember those wonderful balmy days of December. I will. But I’ll also enjoy the cold — if not for its own sake, for the opportunity to slow down until spring. Each season, after all, has its own rewards.

Have a joyous holiday season and a happy New Year.


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