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March-April 1999 Newsletter

Building a Bicycle Community

by Glenn Todd

What is a bicycle community? I have been with LBC for 10 years now. I worked with touring, education, helped in racing and a host of other areas. I have heard people talk about the touring club, racing team and many other special interests. All of this is about bicycling, but at least for me it is not what keeps the club alive. The umbrella over this is the community that is made up of cyclists. We join the club for different reasons, we stay in it for one reason.

I became involved with LBC for several reasons, my main one is that I needed a place to meet people of similar interests. I stayed because I found people to ride with and those who helped me to be a better cyclist. People like Jay Palmer, Cheryl Brawner, Kent Fallon, John Owen, Mike Blair, Nancy Yates and Debbie Browning, to name a few.

One of my visions for education this year is to build a mentoring network. People who would be willing to spend some time helping others develop their cycling skills. This year I would like to focus on mentoring during the Monday night Bike Handling program.

It may sound like it could be a big commitment. I would say that the person willing to be the mentor needs to set the limit as to how much they want to do. Jim Tretter and Cheryl Brawner have already expressed an interest in being mentors, stating they were willing to work with one or two people.

In April, I will be having a meeting of those who would like to learn more about being a mentor. Coming to the meeting doesn’t mean you have committed, just that you want to learn more. I am looking for individuals who are interested in the concept. Together we will build on the idea. If you are interested, give me a call. I can be reached at work (502-585-4945) or at home (502-897-5406). Who knows, you might even see me on a ride.

Maintenance of the Bike and Person

Maintenance of the bike and person will be held at Saint Matthews Elementary, 601 Browns Lane, March 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st, 7-9pm. As in the past we will cover basic maintenance, what to do in those road emergencies, the dreaded tire change and how to care for ourselves before, during and after the ride.

Something new is being added this year. On Wednesday, March 10th, Troy Grubb will be speaking on cycling-related injuries, prevention and rehabilitation. Troy is a physical therapist in our community who called and offered to speak to club members on this subject.


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