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March-April 1999 Newsletter

Farewell to the Williamses

Four Shoes That are Going to Be Hard to Fill
by Norm Minnick

December brought bad news for our club. Don and Mary Margaret Williams have decided to move to Salt Lake City, Utah! And, although we obviously wish them well and share in their excitement about Don’s new job and the adventure, boy, are those two going to be missed!

There’s no way to measure the countless hours of time they put into the club, conducting education, bike fits, ride captaining, heading up various officer positions, heading up the WACKY/TACKY rides, the Gatlinburg trips, the Mini-Marathon booth, involvement in and running the Old Kentucky Home Tour and so much more.

I know I speak for the entire club when I say we are going to miss them immensely and wish them the best! Who will step forward and help fill their shoes?

The Williamses on WACKY
Mary Margaret & Don doing light-touring on WACKY ’98.
It’s Hard to Say Good-bye
by Paul Battle

Have you ever met someone and instantly become good friends? Spend a lot of time together then wake up one day and they had just moved away? I bet it hurt, didn’t it? That happened to me once, a long time ago. I was about nine years old and my two best friends in the whole world moved away to Michigan. I cried all night the day they left. I know you may be wondering why I mention that little part of my past. Well, when Don and Mary Margaret told me they were moving away, the old memory of losing good friends come rushing back.

I met Don first. Can’t remember the ride or exactly where it started, but the ride captain had laid out a terrible course and we were all complaining when this guy with the southern accent said, “Stop whining and let’s ride!” We did, had a good ride and a friendship was born. In those days, Don had a reputation as being a lady’s man. Not like Bill Clinton, but you get the idea. So when this attractive female cyclist showed up on one of our rides, Don was the first to strike. The rest is history.

Now they are leaving and I wonder if the rides they have made famous will leave with them. Rides like WACKY/TACKY, Gatlinburg, and Tour of Three States. Then there were the awards they blessed us with. The Skull. The Pink Jersey for 25,000 miles and ride captain jerseys.

I wish them well and good luck in their new adventure, and I will try not to cry all night the day they leave. But, you know, some things never change.

We’ll Ride Together Again...
by Duc M. Do

Having known Don and Mary Margaret for a long time, I don’t know where to start when Norm asked me to write a good-bye for their leaving the club and Louisville. They have been more than just friends whom we ride with every once in a while. They’ve become a part of our lives, a part that we’ll miss dearly. We’ll be reminded of their absence every time we show up for a club ride and that familiar red Cannondale tandem is not there anymore.

We will lose two dear friends who have passed the “bike-trip” test. It took us years of riding together to decide that we would get along with the Williamses on an extended trip. And after two years of planning, Don and Mary Margaret joined us last summer for our ride across the country. We all survived a two-week trek across the eastern portion of America with plans for future trips to continue with our cross-country journey. It was obvious we all passed the “get along” test with flying colors.

Don and Mary Margaret are more than our cycling friends, they have become Nicholas and Lucas’s favorite adopted uncle and aunt. Our boys are lucky to have grown up in the friendliness of the club, and nobody embody this friendliness more than Don and Mary Margaret. For all of their contributions to our lives, I value this relationship with my children above all else. The boys will miss their favorite squirt gun targets on those hot bike handling rides.

So, goodbye, friends! We’ll miss you, of course. But this doesn’t mean that we won’t see you again. Au contraire, the planning for the trip in 2000 continues apace. See you in Montana.

Our loss is somebody’s gain. The cycling community in Salt Lake City better gets ready, because here come the Williamses.


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