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March-April 1999 Newsletter

From the President

by Earl Jones

We’ve always known that Louisville — or, more precisely, the Louisville Bicycle Club— has had a lot going for it. Our members know that by the variety and success of our programs. Now we’ll have a chance to show our stuff to the rest of the cycling world when the Club plays host to the League of American Bicyclists which will hold its National Rally here on June 4 through 7. Members of Congress will also be attending and the US Secretary of Transportation has been invited.

The National Rally is not only the annual business meeting of the League, it’s the largest gathering of League members held during each year. As many as 1000 cyclists are expected to attend. Rally HQ will be the Galt House East, located on the Ohio River.

The last time the League met in Louisville was in 1896, when 30,000 cyclists convened here to help celebrate the opening of a bicycle-friendly roadway on Southern Parkway that ran from Wheelmen’s Rest to Iroquois Park. It was that event to which we trace our origins as a Club — the Louisville Wheelmen. How fitting then, that so soon after celebrating our centennial we once again will play host to the most important national cycling organization in the country. Because the fight for cyclists’ rights and a rightful place in the transportation system is just as crucial today as it was then.

Our June 4-7 ride schedule will be built around the Rally and will be designed to showcase our best rides and most interesting sights in the area. And we’ll have a full program of seminars on topics ranging from club management, cycling skills, advocacy and transportation planning and Louisville history and points of interest.

Planning has begun. If you have any ideas, talk to someone on the Executive Committee. Everyone in the Club will have a role to play whether serving on the planning group, supporting a ride, speaking at a seminar or, most important, making these visiting cyclists feel at home in our town.

Thanks in advance.


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