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March-April 1999 Newsletter

Racing News

by Anne Huntington

Start Training Now!

With Trainer Tours behind us and the Kentuckiana Spring Race Series soon upon us, now is the time to set goals for summer!

The Elite National Championships will be in Cincinnati. The Time Trial event will take place on June 24, the Road Race on June 26 and the Criterium on the following day. Conditions for entry are US citizenship, Cat. 1 for men and Cat. 1 or 2 for women.

The Masters Nationals are going to be held in Fort Smith, Arkansas, July 7 through 11. To enter you have to be over 30 and a US citizen or permanent resident. Only riders in Cat. 1-3 are eligible for menís age classes through 54 and womenís age classes through 44. Age breaks occur at 5-year intervals. A group of us are going to Masterís Nationals. Put the dates on your calendar.

Even if you donít qualify to be a participant, plan on going as a spectator. Cheryl Brawner was a part of a group that went to the Elite Nationals last year. Watching Dede Demet lap the pack was an unforgettable experience! The top cyclists who participate are our heroes and inspiration ó they deserve our support. The sport of cycling needs more recognition. This will come with an increase in both participants and spectators. See you there!

P.S. Make sure you are licensed with USCF.

Note our new team name: Team Louisville Bicycle Club.

Team Training Rides

There will be regular rides on Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting. Please call Vic Maddox (502-456-9779) or Anne Huntington (502-458-1157) if you would like to join us. Just starting out? Please call Anne Huntington for information on developing a training program, receiving coaching and mentoring.


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