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March-April 1999 Newsletter

1999 Touring Season

by Jim McDonald

Hello everyone, and welcome to what will hopefully be a very exciting year for the club. There has been a lot happening in the Touring Committee already this year — we are revamping the Touring Guidelines and Awards, pulling together a ride captain training program, and we have modified the system for scheduling rides. You’ll see more in the next newsletter about the Touring Guidelines and Awards and there should be an insert in this newsletter about the ride captain training (if everything worked out as planned).

Here’s the low-down on how the system for scheduling rides will work this year:

Tuesday through Thursday:
As for the weekday evening rides, as discussed at the last General Membership meeting (1/17/99), there will be pre-set rides Tuesday through Thursday from April to September this year (Tour de Gils are worked into the schedule, don’t worry!). There will be as few repeat rides as possible during any four-week/12-ride period to ensure the variety of rides on the schedule. The Touring Committee will select these rides from a “pool” of rides, set the time, place and route, put the cue sheets together and mark the routes, BUT we need ride captains to lead the rides. All of the ride materials (cue sheets, sign-up sheets, release forms) for the pre-set rides will be provided to the ride captain by the committee. So, all the ride captain has to do is administer the ride (ie. be at the start point a little early to sign everyone in) and sweep the ride (ie. ride with the last riders to ensure everyone returns safely). To sign up for one of the pre-set rides, either call the appropriate Touring Committee member for the given date as listed on the club’s web site under LBC Calendar or, if you don’t have access to the web, come to the Ride Scheduling Meeting (listed on the ride schedule). If neither of those options work, see one of the Touring Committee members at the start of a ride.

The committee is in a continuing process of pulling together the “pool” of weekday evening rides we have done in the past. If you have any rides you'd like to see included in this “pool” please send me or any of the committee members a message (e-mail or phone).

Friday through Sunday:
Just as we have done in the past, Friday through Sunday are open to any ride captain who wishes to lead a ride. To sign up to lead a ride, either fill out the appropriate information (ride captain’s name and phone number, ride starting time and place, and mileage options and rating) at the LBC web site under LBC Calendar, come to the Ride Scheduling Meeting, or see one of the Touring Committee members at the start of a ride. If there is already a ride on the schedule but you want to lead a ride from a different location and starting at a different time, please sign up to lead the ride (this is especially focused toward family rides!) — the more options for any given day the better!

Mondays are currently reserved for bike handling and maintenance classes.

Just to reiterate, we need ride captains for ALL rides (weekday evening and weekends)!!! For the weekday evening rides, the touring committee will provide the route, cue sheet and all other info needed by the ride captain, but we need ride captains to lead the rides.

In the past, the touring committee did not consist of a specific group of club members — its meetings were open to any club member that wanted to attend. As such, the committee and its meetings have lacked structure — they were gripe sessions that didn’t accomplish much and attendees would only half pay attention to what was being discussed because they were busy trying to sign up to lead rides. Also, since there wasn’t a consistent group of people who would attend the meetings, there would be no continuity in the discussions.

As VP of touring this year, I want to change that. I have a specific set of agenda items that I want to work on with a consistent group of people, the results of which will be presented to the membership as a whole. This is exactly the way every other committee in this club works and I don’t think the touring committee should be any different.

By having a set committee, I’m NOT trying to be exclusionary. All the committee members are available to the membership as a whole to hear questions, concerns and suggestions. Or, if you like, come to the general membership meeting held approximately every other month (which is about how often the touring committee used to meet) to air any other questions, concerns or suggestions.

Without further ado, I am pleased to present the 1999 Touring Committee: Scott and Christine Anderson, Marilyn Minnick, John Larson, Ian Schill, Michele Miller and Bob Horner.

Please see me or any of the touring committee members if you have questions, suggestions, concerns etc about the touring program.


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