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May-June 1999 Newsletter

An Update On David Ryan

by Barry Zalph

(A number of people have asked about the status of David Ryan, who was hit by a vehicle in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last fall. Barry Zalph provided this update, which originally appeared on KyCycList mailing list on 3/18/99).

I just spoke with Dave Ryan a few minutes ago. He sounds good. Here’s the latest:

His legs are getting strong again. He can walk with the aid of a walker (for balance) and leg braces. His left arm is mobile enough for him to touch his face and hold a telephone receiver (if it isn’t too heavy). He can write slowly. As soon as he regained the ability to write, he wrote a thank-you note to Lance Armstrong, who had sent him a get-well message from Germany while Dave was still in the hospital in Albuquerque. Dave’s fine motor control is pretty good. His right arm has feeling, but not much motion because the muscles that support it (at the shoulder blade) are too relaxed.

He is busy watching his videos of European road races. He has decided to co-sponsor the Fast Forward Cycling Team’s 5/22 race (the “Da Vinci” something or other; contact Chris Mayhew for details) that will start either in downtown Louisville or in New Albany. Dave will be at the race. Show up and give him some encouragement!

Dave plans to get back on the Internet in a week or so. Please understand that his recovery still has a long way to go, and he still very much appreciates visits and calls. He is home (447-7814). I think that he still goes to Frazier Rehab for several hours on MWF. Physical therapists work with him at home some time on Tues. and Thurs. Evenings might be the best time to call. He has received fewer visits since moving back home several weeks ago.

I look forward to seeing several “I visited David Ryan” messages on KyCycList over the next few weeks as various list members take the time to support David in his continuing recovery.


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