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May-June 1999 Newsletter

From the President

by Earl Jones

I know I’m not the only one who’s had the thought.

But it struck me with special clarity on April 2, which happened to be Good Friday and therefore a day I didn’t have to go to the office, as I went out Rose Island Road. I was riding alone — I had misread the schedule and missed that morning’s ride — so I had more time just to think than usual.

It was one of those early spring days full of the promise that only the beginning of a new riding season can bring.

My senses seemed especially acute. The whole expanse looking toward the river going out to Goshen Lane was a sea of lavender, actually fields of flowers. The color was so true and thick that it looked as if it had been painted. The sun shone intermittently and there was the hint of a sprinkle. The tree frogs competed with the birds for attention.

The endorphins produced a sense of well being and the spinning a sense of harmony. I felt so good that I decided to climb the Wall and go 10 miles farther than I had intended.

Cycling can indeed be a spiritual experience. That was the thought. And this year I promise myself to tap into this experience more frequently. This year, more miles, more fun, less staying late at work! I bet I’m not the only one who’s had that thought, either. But this year let’s make it happen.

This brings me to the perennial topic of member involvement and the need for all of us to volunteer time and talent to support the Club’s activities. Jim McDonald’s article describes the kind of help needed on the League of American Bicyclists June 4-7 Rally in Louisville. Soon we’ll be calling on folks to work on the Old Kentucky Home Tour. And there are always the activities that keep the Club running throughout the season — working with the racing team on LBC-sponsored races; mentoring new riders; representing the Club in local planning and transportation activities; captaining rides and supporting the touring program; writing an article for or folding the newsletter.

Finally, don’t ever pass up the opportunity to talk up the Club and encourage people to join.


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