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May-June 1999 Newsletter

Touring Guideline Changes

by Jim McDonald

It’s already May and we’re well into the 1999 riding season. Hopefully everyone has been out riding and enjoying the beautiful spring weather! The Touring Committee has been busy marking all those Pre-Set rides and rewriting the club’s Touring Program Guidelines. The Guidelines detail the responsibilities of the Touring Committee and Ride Captains, how mileage credit is awarded and minimum requirements for Touring Awards.

The rewrite has mostly involved cleaning up the guidelines and modernizing them. But, there are several proposed changes. Though the details have not been finalized, these changes are primarily directed at what constitutes an out-of-town ride and what awards will be presented each year.

The current proposal is as follows:

  1. Out of town rides: mileage credit will only be awarded for rides that start within approximately 2 hours driving distance from Louisville with the exception of up to four rides each year (to allow for well-attended traditional rides outside this area such as the Gatlinburg ride). Included in this area would be Cincinnati, OH, Lexington and Bowling Green, KY, and Bloomington and Columbus, IN.
  2. Awards: the current Yellow and Ride Captain Jersey awards remaining unchanged. The other awards are replaced or made optional (ie. at the discretion of the Touring Committee). The new awards would include a Frequent Rider award (patch), a Great Effort All Round award (GEAR - metal pin), an Around-the-World award (jersey for 25,000 lifetime miles), and Special awards (given at the discretion of the Committee for outstanding accomplishments or contributions)

The final proposed new Touring Program Guidelines will be presented to the membership at the next General Membership meeting at which time a vote will be held on acceptance or rejection of the proposed changes.


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