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July-August 1999 Newsletter

Summer Bike Education Program

by Glenn Todd

I asked AB Sandefur if he would comment on his experiences in the “Bike Handling” program and he wrote:

Last July I had to find some other sport instead of playing basketball and running in local 5K and 10K road races. I choose bicycling. No problem right? I got my first bike 55 years ago, used, for three dollars. Everyone can ride a bike, can’t they? All you needed to work on it then was a screwdriver and an Arkansas socket set (crescent wrench). I went on my first club ride the last week of July. What a rude awakening!!! I knew nothing about road etiquette, safety, highway bike laws, or proper and safe attire. I heard about bike handling classes on Monday nights and attended till classes ended in September. Imagine learning that drafting is not a drawing class, a pace line is not something you walk when you are worried and cadence is not what you do in military boot camp, or a drop out is not someone who quit school. I still attend regularly on Monday night and still have plenty to learn. Come Join us.

AB Sandefur

Thanks for the comments, AB. I would have to agree with you, learning never ends. I continue to learn, relearn and fine tune the skills that I have. I also want to thank AB, Ian Schill, Sonny Neurath, Steve Engh, Mike Blair for their help in mentoring; Cheryl Brawner for her help in teaching; and Lisa Kinnamon for her help in marking the rides.

See you on a ride soon.


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