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July-August 1999 Newsletter

Be Prepared, Carry Identification

by Mary Margaret Williams

When riding do you have the proper identification in case of an emergency? It is a great idea to carry a medical insurance card, medical alert information card (allergic reactions to medications, diabetics, blood type, etc.) as well as your drivers license or other form identifying who you are, phone, and address.

While no one expects to have an accident, they do happen. Having this information can be of great assistance to those helping out and emergency medical assistance. If the ride captain or fellow cyclist needs to contact a family member during a ride, the pertinent information is there.

(Editorís note: Just this past weekend we had a rider injure himself. Fortunately he was able to tell us he was a diabetic and give us his phone number. There may well be an accident victim who canít give you that information. We also were lucky to find his bike bag in the bushes. So maybe the best place for the information is a dog tag? The other thing that helped save a lot of time was a cell phone. If you have one, please carry it.)

Be prepared, carry identification!


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