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July-August 1999 Newsletter

School for the Blind Tandem Ride

by John Larson

We hope the kids enjoyed the Wednesday night ride as much as we did! Thanks go to Tim Conrad for arranging a tandem ride with the Kentucky School for the Blind on May 19. Four LBC tandem riders volunteered for the ride: Tim Conrad, Joe Argabrite, Harry Jacobsen-Beyer and myself (Dick Keith was gracious enough to loan me his tandem). Tim is an ophthalmologist in the city and made arrangements with the school’s activity director, John Davis.

After discussing some of the basics of tandem riding, we paired up and hit the road for a 10-mile jaunt to the Cherokee Park loop. John Davis rode on the recumbent tandem with Harry and had his cell phone if any problems should arise. John had carefully selected three teens to ride with us. Gary rode with Joe, David with Tim, and Robert with me. They took to stoking with ease. Robert was in such good shape that he made comments like “That didn’t seem like a hill” and “Is it OK if we go a little faster?” It was a new and pleasurable experience for all of us.

Tim may arrange another ride in autumn, so tandem owners or tandem borrowers watch for a chance to participate in a great experience. If you are interested, Tim can be reached at TimConrad@pol.net.


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