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September-October 1999 Newsletter


Where To Send Ride Sign-Up Sheets?

If you are confused about where to send your ride sign-up sheets and release forms, ponder no more! Send them (promptly, please!) to Steve Engh, our club statistician, at 9410 Tiverton Way, Louisville, KY 40242-2341, or give them to Steve at the rides.

If you visit our web site and check on the statistics, you will notice a number of missing ride sheets. Please check and see if you are listed and send them in. (Perhaps that’s why I’m not in contention for the Yellow Jersey for most mileage?)

Norm Minnick, VP Communication

Adopt-A-Highway Clean-up Time!
by Barbara Berman

It’s time once again to help clean up our Adopt-a-Highway. We all love to ride through Sleepy Hollow and it’s even more scenic when the litter and trash are not there to spoil our view.

Clean-up is scheduled for Friday, October 29th at 5:30 pm. We meet at the intersection of Highway 329 (Covered Bridge Road) and KY 1694. Barbara Berman will provide trash bags. We normally grab a bite to eat after all our hard work.

Hope you can help!

Annual Club Awards Banquet
by Jim Tretter, LBC Treasurer

The annual Louisville Bicycle Club Banquet is scheduled for Saturday, November 13, at the Louisville Zoo African Outpost. Details will be published in the November-December newsletter. Hope to see all you animals there.

Old Kentucky Home Tour Cookies

Please bring your famous recipe homemade cookies for our world famous cookie stop. But let Christine Anderson, our cookie coordinator know. You can reach her at (502) 244-9710 (please call before 9 pm) or through the sign-up sheets at the club rides. Thanks in advance from all us cookie eaters.


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