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September-October 1999 Newsletter

Cycling Communication

by Norm Minnick, VP Communication

If you are new to the club, you might have noticed people riding their bikes yelling “rock,” “gravel,” “hole,” “car back,” etc. These people are trying to help those around them keep from having a flat or a crash. Make sure others know what you are dodging or what’s coming that could be a danger. “Car left” and “car right” may have saved a good many people from getting hit. It may sound strange at first after riding alone to hear yourself yelling “slowing” or “stopping,” but since you don’t have brake lights, it keeps people behind you from being on top of you.

Correct hand signals not only let other bikers know where you’re going, but cars, too. And how about correct hand signals? I know the bike community has adopted using both hands, but drivers don’t know that. I agree with LBC member Brian Shelley who said “If you are turning right and using your right hand for a signal, how do I know you’re not pointing out a dog, or some pretty flowers?” Shouldn’t the correct hand signal be given with the left hand?

Let’s communicate on our bikes. It helps, believe me.


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Web posted: 17 August 1999
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by Duc M. Do