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September-October 1999 Newsletter

Minutes of the General Membership Meeting

by Kimble Howard, LBC Secretary

July 25, 1999
Executive Committee present: Jim Tretter, Earl Jones, Kimble Howard, Norm Minnick, Jim McDonald. Membership was represented by 19 members.

Gary Pennington from The Big Rock Task Force gave a short presentation on the concerns being raised on the amount of traffic around Big Rock. His group is suggesting a one-way loop around the area creating one lane for traffic and a recreational lane similar to what already exists in the rest of Cherokee Park. As bicyclists are a primary user of the park he asked for representation from the LBC to discuss viable possibilities in design and use. The Big Rock Task Force meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Crescent Hill Library.

Emily Boone said she would be willing to serve on the committee to address the city about the scenic loop as well as Big Rock. A number of members raised concerns about the viability of the one way traffic flow. It was decided that while Emily will serve, the issues need to get back to Adrian since it will be an Advocacy issue.

Jim Tretter gave a financial report with our finances being excellent with $3994.00 in the general fund. We received $2000 from The League of American Bicyclists for our participation in the Rally. Jim showed the membership the certificate we received from LAB.

Norm Minnick reminded everyone present that the LBC picnic would be Sunday, August 8, at 12 pm. LBC to provide meat and drinks with members providing side dishes.

Cheryl Brawner discussed Leukemia Team-in-Training. There is a concern from the local Leukemia chapter as to why no LBC members take part in this event. The reasons appear to center around not wanting to raise money and not wanting to ride a century. Cheryl has suggested that there might be a possible link with OKHT for the Team-in-Training. Anyone interested in the team should contact Cheryl.

Earl Jones stated that he wanted to address in this meeting: 1. OKHT; 2. the rash of accidents involving our cyclists; and 3. volunteerism.

Earl discussed where we are with OKHT this year, basically have not started due to a number of factors, such as lack of a director and starting late due to the LAB Rally held in June. The executive committee had suggested that we shelve this year’s ride and start preparing early for 2000. The membership present was quite adamant that the ride could be pulled off even in the short time period and a number of people pulled together to volunteer for the various positions. It was voted, however, to have a one-day ride for this year only due to the limited amount of time left for planning. Steve and Susan Engh volunteered to help Earl out as directors-in-training for next year’s ride. The brochure is to be rewritten immediately and due to be mailed in one week.

The meeting adjourned at this point.


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