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September-October 1999 Newsletter

Old Kentucky Home Tour

by Earl Jones

Yes, Virginia, there will be an Old Kentucky Home Tour!

This year’s Old Kentucky Home Tour will be another experiment with change. The planning committee has decided to do a one-day ride on September 11. The tour will still feature our traditional routes to Bardstown but will also include several mileage options looping from Eastern High School. The one-way routes to Bardstown will be 45, 65 and 100 miles. Riders selecting this option should plan to leave a vehicle in Bardstown the night before so that they can drive back to Louisville at the end of the ride or stay in Bardstown overnight and drive back the next day. Riders choosing the loop options from Eastern High School can select 15, 30, 45, 60 or 100 miles. The 100-mile option goes to Bardstown and returns.

These changes are being made for several reasons. We have not been able to get a volunteer to serve as tour director. But when it became clear that the tour was at risk of being cancelled, the dedicated group of members who attended the July 25 membership meeting made the commitment to at least do a one-day ride. Fortunately, the success of this spring’s LAB Rally has provided a financial cushion to allow us to experiment with the one-day format.

We’ll still have our famous cookie stop and the best group of day-of-ride volunteers any club can muster. Some things won’t change.

Watch for your brochure in the mail.

[The OKHT info is available on line at this web site. Ed.]


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