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September-October 1999 Newsletter

Introducing...Turtle Rides

by Christine Anderson & Marilyn Minnick

Turtle Rides are here! Starting in September, we are offering a new type of ride for beginning riders and those who are looking for a slower, easier pace to ride with a group.

Many new riders are intimidated by the fast pace of the regular club rides and after riding once, we never see them again. We hope the Turtle Rides will change that and bring a new segment of active riders to the club.

Turtle Rides will not offer club mileage credit and the apparel of choice will be t-shirts instead of jerseys so everyone will fit in with the group. (Helmets, of course, are still required.) The pace will be slower and the routes will not be marked, requiring everyone to ride together. The rides will cover approximately 10-12 miles and will be less hilly than regular club rides. (The Turtle Ride concept was taken from an article in the July/August edition of the LAB Magazine by Barbara Sturges of Folks on Spokes, a bicycle club in Chicago.)

We hope to put several Turtle Rides on the schedule for September and October, then we will start scheduling rides again in the spring. Check the LBC ride schedule for dates and locations. Bring a friend and join us for a pleasant day of cycling!


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