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September-October 1999 Newsletter


by Marilyn Minnick

As we all know, our club could not exist without volunteers. Volunteers run the business of the club, put out the newsletter, ride captain and create new rides for all to enjoy. We could not survive without volunteers. While many readily call and offer their services, some sit back and wait to be called. I have heard many club members grumble that “no one called me to help.” I’m not sure what the current membership numbers are, but I would guess there may be approximately 75+ active members who get involved in club activities.

When a general announcement goes out for volunteers, we would greatly appreciate it if you would take the initiative and call the person in charge to offer your services. It is difficult to phone 75 individuals to ask for volunteers, time consuming for a person who is already up to his or her neck in work on a project for the club. But one call from you to volunteer is greatly appreciated. There may be rare exceptions when we don’t need everyone who volunteers, but in most cases a volunteer is never wasted.

We need everyone’s help on OKHT to make it a success. Please give up one day of riding on Saturday, Sept. 11, to help your club. Volunteers are needed for registration, SAG stops, roving SAGs, troubleshooters, activities after the ride, baking cookies, etc. You may call me at (502) 412-4224 and let me know you want to help. I will return your call. Thanks!


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Web posted: 17 August 1999
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by Duc M. Do