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November-December 1999 Newsletter

Officer Nominations for 2000

Cheryl Brawner
Candidate for VP Advocacy

As VP of Advocacy, I will work with the committee to assess the needs of the cycling community. We will then take appropriate action to facilitate change so that those needs might be met through interface with various bicycle-pedestrian coordinators, transportation agencies and elected officials. Issues such as construction of bike lanes and maintenance of bike route signage will be addressed, and we will serve as “watchdogs” on various ongoing projects such as the Major Thoroughfare Plan (a part of Cornerstone 2020). We will also propose a Millennial Master Plan for Bicycling by early 2000.

I will keep the lines of communication open to everyone who rides a bike so as to address the concerns of recreational, commuting, touring, and competitive cyclists and hopes of getting lots of feedback from all of you. If I am elected, please feel free to e-mail me (preferred), call me, or get with me during a ride and let me know what YOU think are important issues concerning cycling in our region. Let’s make a difference — together!

Adrian P. Freund
Candidate for VP Communications

This year, I was reminded again of the value of cycling and the fellowship of the Louisville Bicycle Club. I underwent an unanticipated change of jobs, and found great company and companionship among the members of the Louisville Bicycle Club. Fellow cyclists came forward to offer good advice and moral support.

In addition to the friendships formed with fellow cyclists, times of stress also make us appreciate the physical and mental benefits of this sport. Cycling helps us to weather life’s challenges and develop a positive outlook. I’ve outlined some of the reasons that I want to continue to serve the club and the members.

Effective communication has been part of my job for years, and I have developed and edited many newsletters for government agencies and groups and organizations. I have worked extensively with the press and public relations firms. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to serve the LBC as VP of Communications, where I can turn my attention to maintaining the excellent newsletter that LBC has produced. It is my pleasure, and a small expression of thanks to all of you, to continue to support the Louisville Bicycle Club.

A.B. Sandefur
Candidate for VP Education

I have been a member of the club for about a year. I have attended and been an assistant instructor and mentor for the Monday night bike handling class. I have greatly enjoyed helping new riders and learned a lot about the process.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree, two Master of Arts degrees and a Rank I certification in education. I was a high school teacher and track coach for 11 years and a high school administrator for 20 years. I was also an instructor for the Army at Redstone Arsenal for the space program for three years.


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