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November-December 1999 Newsletter

From the President

by Earl Jones

I have to admit it: I’m glad that this season is coming to a close. I commented in the last newsletter about the string of mishaps that beset riders this season.

But that’s not why I’ll be glad to put the bike up. True, the weather, if you ignore the effect it’s had on farmers and lawns, has been terrific at least for cyclists. And, yes, we accomplished a lot this year, pulling off two major tours hosting the League of American Bicyclists rally and an abbreviated, save-the-franchise Old Kentucky Home Tour. And the club’s profile in the community has resulted in greater opportunities to help shape policies affecting cyclists.

A lot has to happen behind the scenes to produce these benefits and to make a great season. None of it would have been possible without a superb group of volunteers. Most of them, however, come from the same group of people who step up year after year. We owe them a lot. I’ve listed their names to begin the public acknowledgment of their hard work.

But there are limits on what we can ask this group of wonderful volunteers to do. That’s why I’m glad the season is coming to an end. I, for one, am glad I won’t have to ask them again this year to take on yet another job or assignment.

We’ll continue the celebration of their contributions at the club’s annual Awards Banquet on Saturday, November 13 . Every club member ought to be there. No ride, race, club social event, community involvement activity, cycling education session or communication effort would have happened without them. The best way to show your appreciation is to show up at the banquet and tell them so.

And save this article. If your name is not on the list of volunteers, I’m going to call on you next year. There are lots of jobs to go around and we’ve go a great group of experienced club leaders who’ll show you the ropes.


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