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January-February 2000 Newsletter

From the Editor

by Adrian Freund

OOPS! It’s obvious to everyone that the newsletter is a little bit late. Y2K? No, although that would be convenient. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? They play a role, since your former editor was a Maccie and I’m not. Bill Gates gets part of the blame since the newsletter templates are a nasty mix of Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Office 97 and now, Windows 98. Next time should be much smoother. Sorry for the delay.

In the next issue, we’ll have some more photos and news of the 1999 Awards Banquet. We’ll have more news in general if you get to me no later than the 5th of February. What reaches the pages of this newsletter are the items you submit. No news = no newsletter. Guidelines for submittals are found on the back of the newsletter. I would like news of all types of cycling related activities, including road, MTB, family, education, diet and training, advocacy, etc.

Don’t forget that our ride schedule can be heard on the LBC Info Line at 329-1848, and on the web. Thanks to Bob Horner for picking up Info-Line duties, and to Phil Brown for his longstanding staffing of the Info Line. If in doubt about a ride, call an officer.

Again, my apologies for the delay this month. Thanks to you for understanding the realities of an all volunteer organization! Happy 2000!


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