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January-February 2000 Newsletter

Trainer ToursóA Better Way to Roll

by Adrian Freund

There you are . . . in the basement, garage or family room sweating out intervals on your rollers, wind, fluid or mag trainer. Like me, you enjoy it immensely, of course! Several riders have told me recently that they donít believe in it! I understand their feelings, but after using the devilish device for 5 of the past 7 years, Iím beginning to accept it as a necessary evil when our Kentuckiana climate wonít allow us to go outside. (Iím excusing the lycra crowd who attend their local fitness center to strut their stuff!).

Cheryl Brawner, trainer tour director extraordinaire, has teamed with A.B. Sandefur, our new VP Education, to produce TRAINER TOURS ď00Ē. Donít break a sweat or do your training program alone! Come join us and watch your colleagues sweat, and maybe charge off the rollers, at TRAINER TOURS ď00Ē. If you put on holiday pounds (and none of us did!), weíll help you to take them off!

TRAINER TOURS will take place every Tuesday, January 11 through the month of February, at Broadway Baptist Church, 4000 Brownsboro Road. Time is 7:00 p.m.

Iíll be there, so you be there, and donít be square! Youíll see the trainer in a whole new light! If you donít like to do it alone (and who does), bring your rollers, mag, fluid, or wind unit and start Rollin, rollin, rollin, (keep those doggies rollin, Rawhide). And before you know it, Spring will arrive!


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