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July-August 2000 Newsletter

Kudos to Triad Development

by Adrian Freund

In the March-April issue, we talked about some roadway changes taking place in the Louisville area, and their impacts upon cyclists. Norton Commons is a new "neotraditional" development planned for Chamberlain Lane, near Wolf Pen Branch.

LBC President Earl Jones and VP-Advocacy Cheryl Brawner attended a hearing before the Jefferson County Planning Commission to address bicycle travel in this area of the County, which adjoins our "Adopt-a-Road" in Sleepy Hollow. As a result of Earl's communication with the developers, the LBC is to be represented on an advisory committee to identify ways to preserve and enhance safe access and thoroughfare for cyclists.

This is a model approach that others should examine. It represents the new trend of "Smart Growth "being debated across the nation. For the cyclists of Kentucky, this is a positive trend. The LBC thanks David Tomes and Rodney Henderson of Triad Development for bringing real substance to the discussion of multi-modal access in this special area of Jefferson County.


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