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September-October 2000 Newsletter

Why do I NEED a Heart Rate Monitor?

Are you cycling for fitness, training for a century, or preparing yourself for a race? Whatever your goal, it's important to understand that each workout should be done at the right intensity. Long rides -- slow and easy. Tempo rides -- at your AT. Interval work -- varied intensity. The Heart Rate Monitor will actually coach you through each workout. Here are the keys to success:

  1. In order to reach your cycling goals, you need to train at the right intensity.
  2. Your heart rate is the most accurate measurement of your intensity, or your exertion level.
  3. Polar Heart Rate Monitors are the easiest and most accurate way to continuously measure your heart rate during cycling.

The "Right Intensity" means not too hard or too easy. Too hard and you risk injury or burnout. Too easy and you will not see any improvements and just waste your time.


Don't Miss the Old Kentucky Home Tour and Chris Carmichael!

Learn more about POLAR heart rate monitors and HRM Training from legendary cycling coach, Chris Carmichael, coach of 1999-2000 Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. Chris will be giving his seminar September 9 at the Bardstown High School and it is open to all registered Old Kentucky Home Tour riders and volunteers. Scheller's Fitness & Cycling is a supporting retailer of this tour and will be on hand with monitors for demonstration and purchase.


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