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November-December 2000 Newsletter

Advocacy Matters

by Cheryl Brawner - VP Advocacy

Wow! What a time for cycling! With OKHT's super-success behind us, this fall is reving up for some serious advocacy action! Just to mention a few things, the Bicycle Coalition of Kentucky (formerly KBC) met and set some major goals on Saturday, Sept. 30, and our new (and first!) bicycle/pedestrian coordinator for our region, Sheila Anderson, is busy taking in her first days on the job!

Sheila Anderson is a welcomed new face to local bicycling. We should all revel in her new position--I am certain that her presence within governmental ranks will cause immediate improvements for the local bicycling community!

I had the good fortune of sitting in on the interview process for this position, and Sheila has outstanding attributes which will assist her in this important job. And, she is an avid cyclist! We are very fortunate to have found such an individual. I look forward to working with her on many projects and issues facing her bicycling constituents.

The BCK is reorganizing and will no doubt prove to play a major role in bicycling lobbying within the Commonwealth in the future. For those who are unfamiliar with it, this organization is made up of citizens advocates and representatives from various bicycling organizations around Kentucky. Keith Logsdon of northern Kentucky, a long-time bicycle advocate, cyclist and transportation planner, is the new chair, with Lisa Aultman-Hall (also all of the above) as the new VP for Policy. Other executive members will be elected at a future meeting after the naming of other VP positions. There are presently 164 members. Our next meeting will be in Lexington in just a few weeks, so that the momentum will not falter. Also, a state task force (Lisa will be our BCK rep.) for Kentucky policy on USDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Design Guidance has been formed.

The BCK's short-term goals are to:

  • continue work on the local Bridges issues,
  • establish a new bicycle-friendly rumble strip policy within the KyTC,
  • working on attaining at least 30% of the transportation enhancement funds
  • for bicycle projects (we got none in 2001),
  • striping 20 more miles of bicycle lanes,
  • putting bicycle safety brochures in the hands of every school child in KY, and ensuring KyTC considers bicycle accomodation in the planning and design of every state transportation project.

In order to ensure that these goals are met, the BCK will need lots of assistance from its members, such as the LBC. Our advocacy committee will be called on to help. Please contact me if you have a desire to make a difference--we will need more bodies to hash out and implement all these goals, as well as our own local projects!


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