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November-December 2000 Newsletter

In Memoriam

The Louisville Bicycle Club is saddened by the passing of three long-time members in the past two months.

Butch Congrove had ridden with our club for many years, and many members came forth at his memorial service with fond memories of time on the road. Butch passed away after a long illness. You may recall that Butch came to Tour de Gil to visit us long after he was forced to give up the bike. Butch's family thanks you for showing your support and saying so many kind things about him.

Les Terry passed away during the OKHT tour. Les loved to ride the bike, and we marvelled at his strength and stamina that helped to inspire us to keep on riding into the best half of our lives. I recall a very hot, puncture-plagued Frankfort Century when Les helped me out through five flats and supplied patches long after the tube supply ran out.

We will remember Les fondly and will miss him on the road.

At press time, we received the sad news that Len Ferryman passed away after sufferring a heart attack while on an LBC ride. Len, 75, will be remembered as an avid rider, frequent ride captain and gentle soul. Our condolences to Bonnie, his wife of two years, and the family. Len, like Les and Butch, loved cycling and stayed with the sport throughout his life.


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