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November-December 2000 Newsletter

From the President

by Earl Jones

Tradition and Change

Every so often I hear folks complaining that a favorite ride or event just isn't what it used to be. That some of the Club's leaders have forgotten, or worse yet, never even heard of, the way [fill in the blank] used to be done. That another great tradition has died!

Sometimes I hear people ask, "What ever happen to the days when being in the Club just meant having fun?" Or, "What does the Executive Committee think they're running? A business?"

It may come as a surprise to some but aside from hit-and-miss collections of ride schedules, newsletters and banquet programs that individual officers may have retained, the Club doesn't have written archives. If there's a tradition you think should be preserved, step up and take the lead to make it happen. Don't assume that someone else will do it.

This has been quite a year for tradition. Some, like the Old Kentucky Home Tour, have been re-invigorated. Others, like the yellow- and blue-jersey mileage awards, were debated by members who voted overwhelmingly not to change them.

Of course, some traditions don't survive because they can't. When development forces changes in our cycling environment favorite routes may have to be abandoned and efforts to educate government officials about the need to preserve cyclists' access redoubled.

But change is inevitable as new members join and the Club adjusts to meet their needs. This is already happening in the touring program, where we've seen increased demand for shorter rides, a reflection of a larger number of beginning cyclists. If you complained about the small number of centuries offered this past season and didn't serve as ride captain for at least one century and a total of 10 long rides, stop complaining.

As for fun, no one would be having much if we didn't have the financial resources - for awards, OKHT, insurance for ride captains and riders, this newsletter - and the management skills to develop, prioritize and implement Club programs. We think we owe it to the members to run the Club in a business-like manner. But don't let anyone tell you that means we're not in the fun business.


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