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January-February 2001 Newsletter

Advocacy Matters

by Cheryl Brawner

We’re looking for a few good folks to serve on the 2001 Advocacy committee! We have a good core group, but with all the activity that is churning, it’s gonna take a village to handle it all! Also, if you have some time during the day (retired, work part-time, unemployed, self- employed) to attend some meetings, please consider giving some time to a great cause bicycling! So, please, don’t wait. Call (502-939-5140) or e-mail (bikecoack@aol.com) me today to become a committee member and make a difference!

Bike Route Map Re-Vamp

Along those lines, we have some pressing projects that we are already working on for this coming year. One is to help our new bike-ped coordinator update and reprint the local bike route maps. There are many areas in the region that I know have good, safe bike routes that need to be incorporated into the existing bike route system, and you all are the folks who know about them! You might have an old cue sheet that maps out your favorite commuter route to some destination we need that! So whether or not you want to be on the advocacy committee, we need all the feedback we can get from all of you on this project. Getting this updated map finished will also aid in replacing the missing signage and placing signage on newly- designated routes (you can check the present routes out on the KIPDA website (http://www.kipda.org/transport/bikeplan.html), which will make our presence on, and rights, to the road more visible, and hopefully as a result, make the roads more safe! Please contact me with your much-needed knowledge! We have the funding to do this right, but not much time the end of January is our projected finish date so we can get the map to print by early spring. Thanks in advance.

BikeFest 2001

We will also be co-hosting an all-new BikeFest (name pending) with the Louisville Olmstead Parks Conservancy this spring in Cherokee Park. Unlike past BikeFests, this event will be an educational/family-oriented event, with tours, bike safety and maintenance being its focus. Quite a few folks will be needed to help put on this event, so again, if you would like to help make this happen, please contact me soon planning will begin in earnest in January!

In closing, if you have any thoughts on bicycle advocacy issues that you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me (preferably by e-mail) and we’ll take a stab at it! Or, we could discuss it during a Trainer Tour hope to see you there!


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