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January-February 2001 Newsletter

From the President

by Earl Jones

Every New Year offers the opportunity to make new resolutions. I’m sure most of us will find the usual suspects in our lists: lose weight, spend less, make more time for family.

Rather than bore (or titillate) you readers with my personal resolutions, I thought I’d use my first Newsletter article of the New Year to share what I resolve for the Club. So, here are my top-ten resolutions for the LBC and Club members:

  1. Support a revitalized Kentucky Bicycle Coalition so that LBC and all cyclists have a larger voice in the Commonwealth.

  2. Check with Norm Minnick about writing an article or taking a photograph for the Newsletter.

  3. Enjoy hotly pursued, down-to-the wire, never-give-up contests for the yellow and blue jerseys.

  4. “Vision” only the best and sweetest fruit for the summer rides and give Marilee Martin all the help she needs.

  5. Help AB Sandefur achieve even greater success for our education program so that more Heather McLaughlins and Michelle Harwoods can excel.

  6. Push for an enhanced LBC role in the planning processes of Greater Louisville and support Cheryl Brawner’s efforts to make it happen.

  7. Do whatever it takes to help Jane Tyler and Kathy Schmitt top the best ever 2000 Old Kentucky Home Tour in fun, riders, value and revenue.

  8. Do every one of the wonderful evening rides from Cherokee Park...but revise the routes to spend less time on River Road.

  9. Help Alan Darby create a touring program that satisfies the needs of the hammers, the turtles and the in-betweens by volunteering to captain at least 10 rides during the season (and earn a cool jersey in the bargain).

  10. Encourage every Club member to lead at least one ride, serve on a committee, corner-marshall a race or volunteer for another Club program.

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not a bad list. I hope you’ll help make these resolutions a reality.


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