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January-February 2001 Newsletter

Racing Volunteerism

by Dave Stewart

I had a friend in the Army who won a medal for valor. His name was Rat Towery. When we were in Vietnam, Rat retrieved a wounded comrade while under enemy fire. To risk your own life for another is the ultimate in volunteerism. Fortunately, most of us don’t have to volunteer in that fashion. But we each have many other opportunities to establish a legacy with our name on it.

Whether you look at the success of the 2000 OKHT, the large number of touring rides we have throughout the year, or the part the Club plays in helping shape local advocacy issues, the presence of volunteers stand out. Without each of us who volunteer, the Club would be less than the organization we all know today and might not exist at all. With the help of each new volunteer, the Club can continue to aid the growth of cycling as a sport, a way of life, and a force in our community.

When I became the VP of Racing, it was with the knowledge of how little I will accomplish on my own. Our racing program must, as required by the other Club programs, grow beyond where it is now. I’m prepared to lend my own time, talents and vision to head up a group of people who share my love for cycling in general and racing in particular so that our racing program can grow to benefit more cyclists. What do I think this group of volunteers and I can accomplish? My plan is that we emphasize the following efforts:

  1. Put into place a Racing Committee made up of people who will enhance the Club’s racing program.

  2. Attract new racers. We grew this past season and we need to grow a lot more.

  3. Put on routine off-season rides and fitness sessions. A group of companions reduces the monotony in the necessary base miles on cold, wet rides or lifting weights at the gym.

  4. Put on scheduled in-season training rides at the Louisville Motor Speedway as well as at venues using public roads, parks, etc.

  5. Make sessions available during the winter to inform interested riders, both within the Club and in the community at large, about the different types of racing, training programs, etc.

  6. Promote more local events. I’d like to see a monthly race series, starting at Derby time, added to the Spring Training races and the Oates Flag Time Trial. I’d like to see this developed into a points series.

  7. Put a Juniors program into place. There is young talent out there we’re not developing.

  8. Develop a computerized event registration process that will help with tracking individual results as well speeding up registration.

  9. Expand our core of sponsors who will make multi-year commitments to support the Team’s programs, events and racers.

  10. Establish a position of “Team Historian” who will take pictures and write stories, get them posted on the Web site, and try to get more bike racing news in local area publications.

You can be an integral part of the Racing Team without racing. You can promote bike competition without getting on the course. You can make a difference that will be felt for years to come.

Interested? Call me or e-mail me (502-636-3297 or dhome510@msn.com). Check in at the new Racing Team email list, LBCracing@egroups.com.

Join us.


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