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January-February 2001 Newsletter

Club Survey

by Jim Tretter

Do the various Club programs and activities satisfy the needs of the majority of the members? How willing are members to invest their time to volunteer to work on Club activities? The Club leadership is interested in the answers to these questions to help set some direction.

The following survey was handed out at the annual banquet in November. Only 29 surveys were returned. If you didn’t get a chance to fill one out, please do so and mail it to Jim Tretter, 9004 Willowwood Way, Louisville, KY 40299 or give it to a Club officer at the next event. Thanks!

1. How many years have you been a member of the Louisville Bicycle Club?
one year or less
two to four years
five years or more

2. How much do you cycle per week during the peak season?
more than 150 miles/week
between 75-150 miles/week
less than 75 miles/week

  Agree Neutral Disagree
3. The Day of the Week and Starting Time of most rides are convenient for my schedule.
4. The Starting Location of most rides are convenient and easy to find.
5. The distances offered by most rides are appropriate.
6. The variety of terrain offered on rides is appropriate for all skill levels.
7. The variety of ride lengths offered on club rides is appropriate for all skill levels.
8. The number of rides offered per week is right for me.
9. There is too much emphasis on mileage and long rides.
10. The Club should put more emphasis on local advocacy issues.
11. The Club should provide more support for racing team activities.
12. The Club should provide more cycling education to the general public.
13. The newsletter and web site provide sufficient information about club events, activities and policies.
14. The Club newsletter should be scrapped and communication with Club done via the Internet and e-mail.
15. The feedback from Club officers in the Newsletter, the web site, at membership meetings and rides keeps me appropriately informed about Club programs and activities.
16. Club needs for additional financial resources should be met by raising dues from $15/individual and $20/family to $20/individual and $25/family.
17. Club needs for additional financial resources should be met by funds generated by paid events like OKHT, not by dues increases.

  Too Much About Right Not Enough
18. The amount of time that I spend volunteering on programs and activities is
19. The number of programs and activities offered by the Club are
20. The number of rides per week that fit my schedule are
21. The distances offered by most rides during the week (Mon-Fri) are
22. The distances offered by most rides on weekends (Sat-Sun) are
23. The mount of cycling skills training provided to Club members is

24. Which of the following statements best describes the strategy the Club should pursue with the OKHT ride (check one)?
Expand the ride to make it as big as possible, 3000 riders or more
Expand to about 1500 riders with activities like the OKHT-2000 format
Limit to 1000 riders

25. We should increase Club financial resources so that we can (check all that apply):
Make donations to bike advocacy groups like the League of American Bicyclists
Make donations to charities such as BIAK (Brain Injury Association of Kentucky)
provide more/nicer awards to members for achievement and volunteer effort
support more activities for members such as picnics, fruit rides, ice cream rides, etc.

26. I would like more rides of __________ miles during the week and __________ miles on weekends. Or check here if no changes recommended

27. If you could add a position on the Executive Committee, what would it be?

28. The biggest improvement that should be made to the Club and/or its programs is:


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