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March-April 2001 Newsletter

Winter Cycling

by Norm Minnick

Winter can be a beautiful time to ride. With the leaves off the trees, you get to see sights you normally wouldn’t see during the prime riding season. (Ride out through Sleepy Hollow this time of year and you’ll discover totally new vistas!)

The key to comfort is to layer and pay special attention to those areas that get the coldest: toes, fingers ears and face. Good booties or toe covers are a must as are cycling specific gloves. A balaclava is a most welcome piece of clothing. And winter weight tights are a good investment that will last many winters.

Make sure your bike is in good order. A breakdown or flat can lead to very, very cold conditions!

Please don’t take chances in icy conditions. I found out the hard way that ice is impossible to ride on.

Attend the LBC Maintenance classes for other tips on seasonal clothing. Don’t miss out on one of the most beautiful times of year to ride. Get that bike out and see what you’re missing!


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Web posted: 2 March 2001
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