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May-June 2001 Newsletter

Enjoyable Short Rides

by Gary Falk

Each of us has our favorite riding places. I usually ride by myself since I like a slow pace of 12-14 mph and I like to stop periodically. I usually take my bicycle to places within 15 or 20 minutes of my home in the Highview area. In choosing riding areas, I try to avoid (as much as possible) both pedestrian and automotive traffic.

Bowman Field (rear portion with access from Cannons or Dutchmans Lane): Bowman Field is a fine place to bike, especially on the weekends and after around 7 p.m. weekdays. Transversing all the roads and parking lots twice gives you nearly 4 miles. The land is quite level and automotive traffic is low.

Old Riverwalk: When I refer to the “Old Riverwalk,” I am talking about that portion just west of the Belle Landing and continuing through Portland, Shawnee and ultimately to Chickasaw Park. Provided we have not had extended rains, this is an excellent ride which totals around 7 miles each way. If time is a factor, a good “turnaround” point is the McAlpine Dam and Locks.

Waterfront Park: This is a a relatively short but good ride. I construe this area to include the area around the park and the new River Road portion extending up to the area around the River Road Country Club. There is just enough hill terrain to provide good exercise. I look forward to the time when this area and the Old Riverwalk are connected to the New Riverwalk.

New Riverwalk (including Cox and Thurman-Hutchins Parks): The Riverwalk picks up again at Zorn Avenue adjacent to the Water Tower. It goes into Cox Park which is a fairly short ride, but when combined with the new Thurman-Hutchins Park across the street it makes for a nice, but still somewhat short ride. Very flat.

Butchertown: This area is but a short distance from the Waterfront Park. Butchertown is an excellent ride. The streets of Washington, Quincy, Franklin and Buchanan have some of the most historic properties in Louisville.

Fairgrounds: The Fairgrounds parking lots and Ring Road make for an enjoyable ride. Ring Road at ca. 3 miles and the associated parking lots around the various buildings can yield easily 5 or 6 good miles, relatively flat and more often than not, free from other vehicular traffic.

Papa John’s Stadium (and environs): Although the main PJS parking lot is currently in use for storage by Ford Motor Company, normally the main lot and the associated lot around the stadium makes for a nice ride. To increase the ride, crossing the new Central Avenue overpass takes you to Churchill Downs and the neighborhood surrounding it.

Seneca Gardens: The streets of Seneca Gardens constitute a nice grid made up of the streets of Valetta, Meadow, Broadmead, Seneca and Trevillian Way extending up to Woodbourne Avenue.

Seneca Park: The city parks of Shawnee, Iroquois (Jacob) and Cherokee all make for some good riding, but Cherokee and Seneca both have lots of hills. I find that the portion of Seneca Park closest to Cannons Lane is straight and level and makes for a pleasant ride.


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