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Old Kentucky Home Tour 2001

by Jane Tyler

September 8-9, 2001, Louisville to Bardstown and back on the Old Kentucky Home Bicycle Tour: the most fun you can have on two wheels!

Go to our web site at www.OKHT.org and see Marilyn Motsch’s amazingly awesome jersey design. Registration forms may be downloaded or you can register on-line from our site, via www.active.com.

The Old Kentucky Home Tour is proud to present our four Supporting Sponsors for the 2001 Tour: Buffalo Trace (www.buffalotrace.com), Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling (www.schellers.com), St. Matthews Dental Group, Dr. Gary Griffin (www.stmatthewsdentalcare.com) and our newest addition, Baptist East/Milestone Wellness Center (www.baptistmilestone.com). Remember these sponsors make our Tour more than possible, they make it FABULOUS! Check the ride schedules closely, as we will be offering rides starting at some of our sponsors’ facilities. Also, we are thrilled to announce that Saturday’s lunch is being catered by The Patron Café & Catering (www.thepatron.org). This year’s lunch will be a gourmet delight to be enjoyed in the park-like setting of St. Michael’s Church in Fairfield. Thanks to Amber McCool, owner of The Patron, for her generous lunch sponsorship.

Volunteers! Yes, we’re talking to you. Just a few hours of volunteer time and you can ride the ride for free. There’s work to be done between now and Sept. 7th, and you can still do entire tour, or work one day and ride the other free, or do the ride and help at the overnight. There are loads of possibilities. This is a huge project and we need warm bodies. Yours!

Call Jane, 897-3786, or Kathy, 896-4596, to volunteer, or e-mail info@okht.org. We’re meeting monthly until late August.


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