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July-August 2001 Newsletter

From the President

by Earl Jones

Last Sunday afternoon’s ride was special in several ways. Of course, any day you can get on your bike is special. But the weather last Sunday was pretty near perfect: warm, low humidity and intermittently sunny. Cheryl Brawner and met up at the Crescent Hill Reservoir. Since the Club ride was a 10-mile Turtle Ride that started from Waterfront Park, we thought we’d extend our time on the bikes by riding to the ride.

As regular newsletter readers know, volunteers are always needed to work on Club activities, from advocacy meetings to bike handling to communications duties. But especially to serve as ride captains. So when I saw that a new ride captain was leading the ride, I wanted to show my support by participating in the ride. True, the ride captain was not a new Club member. He might have led rides some years ago but had obviously slacked off. Maybe a guilty conscience had finally gotten to him.

Anyway the 15 or so riders followed the route along the RiverWalk. The pace was just right for talking and catching up on the latest news.

Marilyn Minnick and Joe Ward have championed the Turtle Rides as a way of increasing the diversity of the Club’s schedule. And riders, too, which was evident on Sunday’s ride. New riders, including four-year old Jack, who rode with his mom on a 3rd wheel, and experienced riders enjoyed each other’s company.

But the ride captain was perhaps the best example of our diversity. Boyd Sigler, cyclist extraordinaire, world-class athlete and a role model for all of us. At 86, I’m certain he’s our most senior ride captain, and, judging from the enjoyment of the riders, one of our best.

The sheer joy of still pursuing his athleticism and the freedom that comes with riding his bike, and sharing it all with others is what being a ride captain means to Boyd.

What an example for all of us, today and tomorrow. I hope you can make Boyd’s next ride. And follow his example by signing up to lead a few rides.


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