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Spinning Classes Start this Fall at New Wellness Center

This fall and winter when your cycling plans have been thwarted by bad weather, or you’re looking for a change from the usual work-out, club members can sign up for spinning classes at the all-new Baptist East/Milestone Wellness Center. If you’ve not ventured into spinning, what we’re talking about is not a dull routine on your father’s stationary bike.

Spinning, or indoor cycling, brings together motivational coaching, dynamic visual imagery, inspiring music and the energy of group cycling. Classes emphasize developing endurance, building speed and increasing power.

Certified instructors lead you on a “virtual” training ride, complete with hills, valleys, straight-aways, cheering crowds and finish lines. You may be led on an imaginary Tour de France or instructed to close your eyes and focus on how your body feels as you pedal through different levels of intensity. Given this combination of imagination and super conditioning, indoor cycling offers an unrivaled mind/body experience. (How else could you ride that fast with your eyes closed!)

Individuals at all fitness levels can reap the benefits of exercising in a group setting, and spinning classes are known to transcend the sometimes intimidating or boring nature of routine indoor programs. At every session, you’ll be challenged to reach a higher level of fitness with new objectives. The reward can be greater form, better cycling conditioning and a renewed readiness for the outdoor road.

Like outdoor cycling, spinning requires some of the same gear, like padded cycling shorts, appropriate shoes, and a water bottle, to ensure safety and overall enjoyment of the workout.

You are welcome to stop by the Baptist East/Milestone Wellness Center for a tour of this beautiful new facility, located at 750 Cypress Station Drive, off Bowling Boulevard, behind the Mall St. Matthews.

For more information about membership, programs, or fall spinning classes, please call 502-896-3900 x320.

Information for this article was gathered from Fitness Management Magazine, May 2001.


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