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September-October 2001 Newsletter

RAAM Ladies

by Dave Stewart

The wonder of human endeavor is measured by the magnitude of what we attempt. The magic of human endeavor is remembered by the magnitude of what we accomplish. Four women, all LBC members, attempted the most demanding endurance event in the world of sports. In June, they rode the Race Across America, RAAM, as a team. We will all remember Anne Huntington, Nina Norris, Della Irby, and Nancy McElwain for the wonder of their attempt and the magic of their accomplishment.

Team “RB4/BIAK," the only 4-person women’s team this year, rode 2983 miles in six days and twenty hours at an average speed of 18.2 miles per hour. They climbed 100,000 feet. Compare this to the Tour de France that covers 2345 miles in 23 days with 63,000 feet of climbing. It’s easy to understand both the wonder and the magic.

On July 23, the local cycling community gathered with the RAAM Women for a celebratory ride. Both the LBC and the Southern Indiana Wheelmen were present. So were members of the major area racing teams; LBC Racing, Sam Swope/Roark, Rapid Transit, and Children First. The fact that it made the evening news was almost inconsequential. The joy was in the thrill of the mass ride shared with these women who made us all so proud.

One of the most essential parts of our existence as racing teams and cycling club members is the support of sponsors. The RAAM Team is no exception. They took the time to thank their contributing sponsors; Cullinan Associates, the Bank of Louisville, Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling (also a sponsor of the OKHT and our Spring Training Race Series put on by LBC Racing), Fleet Feet, the Brain Injury Association of Kentucky and last, but never least, the Louisville Bicycle Club.

Whether you raced RAAM or whether you followed Anne, Nina, Della and Nancy across the US on the Internet, this is what cycling is all about. Whether you’ve just finished a 3000-mile ride or your first 30-mile ride, this is what cycling is all about. We’re all joined as a community by the wonder and the magic of cycling as a form of human endeavor. The RAAM Women just reminded us of that.


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