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November-December 2001 Newsletter

Kentucky Refugee Mission

by Eddie Doerr

Dear LBC and friends of children:

Your responses to our requests to help the Kentucky Refugee Mission has been fantastic. Thank you so much. I won’t be able to thank everyone because I am not aware of much of what is going on (yes, it is finally revealed) but I do know about these folks:

Pam Thaler for the bicycle and tubes and patch kits. And an evening of your time. Your bicycle has a very happy, temporarily too short kid gleefully riding it.

Byron Oost from Owensboro, they received your box of tires, tubes, etc., and it blew them away. Almost every kid had to try on that red helmet. Thanks so much.

Tim “Mad Dog” Chilton who donated a bicycle and an evening of his time. A boy has picked the bike you gave but has to come back one more week before he can take it home.

Greg Beachy donated two bikes, three helmets and a pump. Greg, a boy named Drago from Bosnia is now the proud owner of the black mountain bike you donated. Drago loved the rack on the back, the gear pack and the water bottle. I suggested he wash the water bottle before he used it. Your helmets came into good use tonight as I won’t “coach” any kids without a helmet and since most of these kids won’t ride with a helmet, yet, we used the ones you bought tonight for the lessons.

Judy Destefano for donating two brand-new road bikes with more on the way this week.

John Paul for pictures and publicity. And two evenings of his time.

Thanks to all the rest of you who have called or intend to donate something. If you have dropped something off, thank you so much.

A lot of you aren’t doing this for this reason but you can receive a letter for a tax deduction if you want one to go with your donation.

Best regards,
Eddie Doerr

ed. note, contact info again:

John Koehlinger
ph. 502 581.8541 x26

mail to:
Kentucky Refugee Ministries
1516 Hepburn Avenue
Louisville, KY 40204


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