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January-February 2002 Newsletter

From the President

by Earl Jones

You couldn’t help thinking that the season had gone to the dogs as we celebrated the 2001 season at the annual awards banquet on December 1. Not that it wasn’t a successful season. In fact, based on any number of indicators it was one of the most successful seasons in years. But dogs were very much in evidence. And, they were mad.

About 110 club members and guests attended the club’s annual meeting as we elected officers, honored the accomplishments of individual riders and expressed our appreciation to the many volunteers who make LBC the best cycling club in the Upper South.

First, about the mad dogs. One of the mad dog leaders, Mike Pitt, was named Ride Captain of the Year. Another, Eddie Doerr, was the Racing Program Volunteer of the Year. Still another, Adrian Freund, was Advocacy Volunteer of the Year. And mad dog riders took honors as Top Young Rider of the Year (Michelle Sarson), Most-improved Riders (Pam Thaler and Joe Kinsinger) and Education Program Volunteer of the Year (Steve Sarson). The contribution of the mad dog leaders to the riding season was recognized by the Club’s contribution to the Kentucky Humane Association (see sidebar).

To The Kentucky Humane Society

To Whom It May Concern:

During the 2001 bicycle-touring season, more than 60 Louisville Bicycle Club members became mad dogs. As far as we know, the zoothropomorphic antics of these Club members did not involve biting any members of the general public.

We became concerned, however, that their goal to ride a century (100-miles) ride every month of the year regardless of the weather must have been the result of hydrophobia caused by mad dog bite. Much to our relief, their families report that only their bicycling lives were affected; the other parts of their lives are completely normal.

To help compensate you and your residents for any unintended slander that may have been caused by our Louisville Bicycle Club mad dogs, we’re sending the enclosed check in the amount of $100. This token of our esteem for our mad dog leaders and appreciation for the excitement that they brought to the touring season was announced at our 2001 Annual Awards Banquet, which was held on December 1.

Yours truly,
Earl F. Jones, President
Louisville Bicycle Club

If you don’t like dogs you may not have enjoyed this banquet.

But the evening wasn’t all about dogs. The racing team honored four team members: James Rockhold “won” the Racing “Skull” award and James Whaley was the Most-Improved Racer. Top honors went to Chris Heintz, the Male Racer of the Year, and Lisa Schaftlein, the Female Racer of the Year.

The touring program Yellow Jersey awards for outstanding individual mileage went to Adrian Freund, who racked up 5016 miles in the season, and Heather McLaughlin, with 2884. The Masters Jerseys awarded to highest-mileage riders 50 years and older, went to Bill Pustow, with 4480 season miles, and Ellen hall, with 1489.

The other top volunteers were Kathy Schmitt, who co-directed this year’s the most successful ever Old Kentucky Home Tour; and Ellen Mueller, the Touring Program Volunteer of the Year, who, according to VP racing Alan Darby, was a full partner in running the touring program. Eleven club members were recognized with LBC-logo wear for their overall volunteer leadership efforts: Joe Argabrite, Tim Chilton, Ellen Hall, Ken Hoff, Lynn Luking, Bernice Martin, John Martin, Lewis Miller, Marilyn Mostch, John Paul, John Samways, and Pam Thaler.

Finally, the LBC Volunteer of the Year is Steve Sarson. Steve was recognized for his leadership of the Education Program during the absence of VP. He has also been a wonderful mentor to new and beginning riders. Steve’s helpful and welcoming demeanor is an example for all of us and the key to continued LBC growth.

Please join me in congratulating all the award winners and thanking the volunteers for their contributions. Of course the best thanks you can give to the volunteers is to follow their example by becoming a club volunteer and leader next season. Can you keep riding and do less?

Happy New Year and have a great 2002 season.


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