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March-April 2002 Newsletter

Car-Free Day in the Park?

by Cheryl Brawner, VP Advocacy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy one day in the park (pick one) without worrying about the proximity of cars — no fumes, no blaring stereos, no drivers telling you where you belong or running you off the road? Sound like a good idea?

I have proposed just that to Metro Parks, and they are interested in pursuing it, perhaps shifting to various parks on a week-to-week basis (Cherokee Park one weekend, Shawnee the next, Iroquois the next, etc.). The details have not been ironed out as of the newsletter deadline. In order to persuade the powers-that-be and folks who live in the adjacent neighborhoods that we cyclists, a major user group, support this proposition, we will need to state our case. I will have petitions for you to sign (if you wish) at upcoming rides as well as at local bike shops. Or feel free to write Metro Parks with your own comments. Their mail address is:

Brigid Sullivan, Director
Metro Parks
P. O. Box 37280
Louisville, KY 40233-7280

E-mail may be sent to Jason Cissell (Metro Parks Public Relations) at jcissell@louky.org. Oh, and ask your non-cyclist friends who use the park system to do the same. We will need their voices, too.

Cherokee BikeFest 2002 Volunteers Needed

Last year’s BikeFest was such a huge success that the Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy has asked us to do it again! Hence, I am making the call for volunteers to help make this event an even bigger success this year.

Those volunteers would help with: Bicycle Yard Sale; Food vending; Entertainment; Ride captaining/route design; Venue design and set-up; Booth (advocacy and education) staff; Expo (retailers and other organizations); as well as a number of other things. If you can, please help. This is a very important event which is aimed at the bicycle-curious and getting them involved in the sport/transportation we love.


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