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March-April 2002 Newsletter

Mad Dog 200 Receives National Status

by Bill Pustow

At the first of the year the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) announced that our very own Mad Dog double century would be included in the John Marino National Points Competition. John was one of the founders of the UMCA as well as one of the original four men who first raced across America in 1982 in “The Great American Bike Race.”

Needless to say we are excited about being included in this national competition and that the Louisville Bicycle Club, along with the Mad Dogs, will be sponsoring it. The Mad Dog 200 will be one of 20 races held across the country. These ultras will consist of 200 milers, 12- and 24-hour events, RAAM, Boston-Montreal-Boston, as well as various other ultra distance races. Our race was chosen because of its scenic as well as its difficulty factor. Much of the course follows the OKHT century to Bardstown and then back again to Louisville. That’s right, that means that the riders will have the opportunity to experience Pottershop Hill not only once but twice. Last year, in our inaugural 200, only one person successfully finished and that was Merry Vander Linden from Michigan. Since then, we’ve made it even tougher. It now has over 12,000 feet of climbing.

We’re excited because this will bring some of the best long distance racers in the country to Louisville. If you’ve completed your first century last year and are looking for a new challenge this year, or if you’re one of the fast kids in town and want to test yourself against some of the best ultra riders, we would certainly invite you to enter.

The race will be held on May 25 and an application is required. It can be downloaded off of the Big Dog web site (www.big-dogs.org), or see me (BPustow@aol.com) or one of the Mad Dogs.

We’re also looking for a few volunteers. So if you would like to have one of the best seats in town to see the race as well as participate in a Thai buffet and meet the racers the night before, see me.


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