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July-August 2002 Newsletter

Another Huge Success
Bike Fest 2002

by Cheryl Brawner

For the second year in a row, the LBC pulled together a great event focusing on cycling, the parks and fun — Cherokee BikeFest! With rides that appealed to all fitness levels, information and educational booths, a huge Bike Yard Sale, extreme stock trials demonstrations, retail vendors, prizes, free TARC rides, music, food and beautiful weather in the crown jewel of our Olmsted Parks system, Cherokee Park, what could be better! Hundreds of cyclists and cycling-curious folks enjoyed the day’s festivities.

Special thanks goes out to our retail vendors: Scheller’s Cycling and Fitness, Jeffersonville Schwinn, Derby City Outfitters (thanks for all that Red Bull!), Terry Dinkins, and Galyan’s, who donated an Iron Horse mountain bike given away at the end of the day. Lots of merchandise was donated from the retail vendors and was raffled off during the last hour of the event.

Kingsley’s again offered up great barbeque to the masses, and David Davies wowed us with his extreme bike handling skills. Chris Mills entertained us with good music all day, and TARC gave us free “pottie runs” (since our porta-potty had disappeared overnight).

Kentucky Refugee Ministries was the beneficiary of this year’s Bike Yard Sale, and much of the merchandise, including four bikes, that wasn’t sold was donated to its Chain Reaction program.

Our sponsors were Alderwoman Tina Ward-Pugh, Alderman Bill Allison, County Commissioner Russ Maple, Galyans, Kentucky Mountain Bike Association, Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy/Metro Parks, and to Oates Flag (whose generosity to all things LBC throughout the years has become a mainstay at our events and is so appreciated) for providing tents. Many thanks to all of you. Your support makes this event great.

Last but not least, a huge thank you to the many volunteers who helped make this event possible, but especially to Alan Darby and Ellen Mueller for the rides; Steve Sarson and AB Sandefur for the Educational tent, Sara Ferebee for “riding herd” on the retail vendors; Donna Connell for managing the information tent; Scott Slusher for staffing the LBC info booth; Penny Kephart-Clark for designing the posters and fliers; Don Vogel of KyMBA for distribution of posters and securing the food vendor, music and extreme athletes; Earl Jones for helping with sponsorship acquisition; Estelle Benner, Mimi Beilman and Lori Boone for running the Bike Yard Sale; John Samways for always being nearby to help; Sheila Andersen and Bill Herron for staffing the BPAC booth; and Linda Sanford of the Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy for all of her help across the boards. You all are the best!


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