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November-December 2002 Newsletter

My First Century

by Barbara Tretter

On Saturday, September 21, 2002, Mike Pitt defrocked 11 century virgins.

The weather was perfect from start to finish. Mike wouldn't let anyone ride the century without their MAD DOG tattoo, so he graciously applied them to everyone. He was the epitome of a ride captain. Not only did he stay with the slow folks, who averaged over 14 mph for the entire ride, but he encouraged everyone along the route. He rode with each of us and really made us feel like we had made the right decision in doing this.

His encouragement and commitment made a lot of riders stretch their limits and do something they had only heard about but thought they could never do.

Thank you Mike, and all the Mad Dogs who have initiated this program, by helping to make the club a little better.

Also, thanks to the entire club for being behind this event. Everyone was supportive and encouraging to all of us who rode, and that is what this club is all about.


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