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November-December 2002 Newsletter

2002 Summer Bike Handling Classes

by AB Sandefur, VP Education

The summer bike handling/new rider classes were held on Monday evenings during May, June, July and August at St Matthews Elementary School. They were well attended and quite successful as usual. Many new and even a few experienced riders attended. There were a total of 77 different individuals who attended these classes. Overall, the total numbers were down somewhat from previous years, due to the first three nights being rained out completely and two others being wet from storms just before starting time. We did manage to beat the rain on two other occasions, when it held off until just after the ride ended.

Numbers alone, however, do not measure success. New riders who attended were enthusiastic and willing to try all the new skills that were demonstrated. Each new skill was practiced in the safety of the school parking lot, and many riders worked hard to master these skills. After demonstrating and practicing the new skills, we broke up into smaller groups and took a short, 10-mile ride. Each group had an instructor in the front as well as the back of the group. These instructors encouraged and coached riders on the finer points of cycling, made sure all participants were comfortable while riding on the road, and insured that all returned to the school safely.

Another measure of success of the bike handling classes is the number of new riders who join the club, participate on weekly club rides, and ride in or volunteer to be a part of our annual Old Kentucky Home Tour. This year, at least 20 students rode to Bardstown or volunteered. There may have been more, but the following were seen: Barbara Barrett, Billie, Kelda, and Katie Beachy, Ron, Vicki and Allison Dobbs, Don Frey, Jamie Gordon, Leslie Marlin, Gina Osbin, Lisa Weisert, Gary, Susan, and Sarah Price, Brooke Willis, and Rita and Michelle Sarson.

I'm sure I've missed a few, and apologize for omitting you. Many students from previous years also continue to be an active part of our club.

Once again, I'd like to thank my qualified group of assistant instructors who were there every night: Steven Sarson, Phil Patterson, John Samways, and Dave Wittry. They helped carry the teaching load, gave individual instructions and encouragement, adjusted bikes (before, during, and after rides), answered questions, pumped up tires, fixed flats, and led the practice rides. These classes would not have been successful without their help. I look forward to seeing many of our "graduates" at future club activities. Please welcome them to the club when you have an opportunity to do so!


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