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November-December 2002 Newsletter

OKHT Thanks!

by Kathy Schmitt

I want to send a big "thank you" to everyone who accomplished the following for the Louisville Bicycle Club's 25th Old Kentucky Home Tour: assisted, backed, baked, barbecued, boozed, browsed, bussed, carted, cleaned, climbed, danced, designed, drank, drove, encouraged, entertained, fed, financed, fixed, ham radioed, hilled, iced, marked, massaged, nursed, pancaked, port-o-potted, preached, publicized, raffled, rented, rode, sagged, sang, scouted, shopped, snagged, sponsored, stashed, stowed, stretched, supported, timed, tolerated, volunteered, watered, webmastered, and overall made for a VERY successful, fun-filled bicycle weekend. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

As you know, it takes an incredible amount of support to make our event successful. The members of our club have stepped up in many ways. If you would like to contribute next year, please contact me. We have a few spots available on the OKHT executive committee. If you'd like to serve next year and head up a segment of the tour, I'd like to hear from you. We meet once a month starting in March or April.

If you didn't have an opportunity to volunteer this year, I hope you will consider doing so in 2003. Ultimately, I'd like to receive at least some level of involvement from every member of our club. Also, I'm open to hear your thoughts and suggestions for next year. We need to strive for continuous improvement of the OKHT. Don't think it can be improved? Well, we added a time trial to our event in 2002 and it added a whole new dimension of participants. We're certain that this segment of the tour will only continue to grow.

Again, please accept my extreme gratitude for any and every contribution made. I look forward to serving next year and hope you will too. Tell your friends how much fun the OKHT is. As I told Earl, "if I got paid for this it would be my dream job!"

All the Best!


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